Pink Pants Game

Some pink pants
Like slug bug, but with pink pants instead.

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What, what? (The Origin Story)

In the summer of 2014, David and Jane took a trip to New York City. During this excursion, they were inundated with sightings of males donning pink shorts and pants.

It seemed they were omnipresent; men in pink pants ruled the street corners, cafes, museums, and bars. Everywhere they looked, they spied pink pants. NYC was then as always, on the cutting edge of fashion.

David and Jane were gleeful at this new trend and began to point out every single sighting with a light slap to their partner's arm, along an amused declaration of "Pink pants!" And thus, the Pink Pants game had begun.

When they returned home from that fateful trip, their excitement over the new trend continued. Public outings were planned seemingly only for the expectations of sighting pink pants. They would stumble home after these events happy and satisfied while covered with bruises from the never ending arm slapping.

David and Jane's favorite places to go were to sports arenas, bearing in mind, neither of them are sports fans. Arenas were always filled with spectators in pink instead of the supporting the colors of their favorite team. It was an exciting time to be alive!

After a few years of pink pants sightings in abundance, to their disappointment, the trend began to wain. Desperate to keep their game operative, they incorporated an additional rule for the allowance of slaps for the latest fad of sky blue pants.

David and Jane understand the fashion industry is ever changing and they will happily update the rules so that good times and bruised arms continue indefinitely.

The Rules of The Pink Pants Game

NOTE: Although we call it the Pink Pants Game, you may slap for the following clothing items: shorts, pants, capris, long johns, speedos, overalls, onesies, grass skirts, banana hammocks, kilts, and so on.
  1. When you spot a male human (adult or child) that is old enough to have made his clothing choice voluntarily, you may inflict a light slap onto the arm of only one person in your presence. You may not slap multiple people!
  2. One slap only per sighting. You may not slap your partner if you see the same pink pants wearing male multiple times. If you are in a group, only one slap per sighting is allowed. No group slapping! Control yourselves.
  3. If you are a male and choose to wear pink pants, you can slap your partner if they don't slap you first. Pro tip: It's best to sneak up on them from behind so you don't put yourself at risk.
  4. If you slap your partner after a pink pants sighting and the wearer turns out to be female, your partner may slap you back to reverse the error. They can also choose not to slap you back. It is up to your partner to decide how to proceed. They can instead choose to verbally insult your inability to make good choices and disparage you for your piss-poor vision.
  5. Maroon pants are not pink! Purple pants are not pink! However, in a city that has zero fashion sense and where pink pants are not prevalent, you can decide with your partner if you will accept questionable shades into your own personal game. Other players are not required to conform. This is a personal choice.
  6. Slapping for sky blue pants is a rule that was added several years after initiation. Go forth and slap for blue.
  7. The only people that can change the official rules are Jane and David...but mostly Jane. The rules are not official unless they are added to this website. She reserves the right to change them whenever she wants. David has to deal with her nonsense, and if you participate in this game, you will too.